Cloud Conveyor is a services company that helps enterprises migrate their business services to cloud. Our framework involves building a business case, preparing private and public clouds, migrating business services and continuous improvement of cloud service consumption.

We can guide the Enterprise through the full journey or we can provide specialist services that can deliver individual elements of the framework. Our services have tried and tested methodologies based on years of experience. In some cases, we use proprietary software the helps us consistently deliver transformation services of the highest quality.

Typically, our clients are Enterprises or organsiations that are adopting and migrating to cloud services. We are usually hired as a systems integrator or migration partner. However, in some cases our clients already have partners and we are hired to represent the client and govern service delivery.

We also deliver our services to Government organisations and we can be found on the UK Government G-Cloud 9 framework.

Our Journey Planner software informs the client on the benefits of each possible target for each application. It provides an understanding of the cost savings and uniquely, the cost and inherent risk of change. We do not license the Journey Planner software as it forms an integral part of our cloud migration services/

Far too often, senior architects make policy decisions designed to ensure consistent cloud service delivery and those policies are not adhered to. This results in migrations being higher risk and higher cost.

Our Decision Engine software is designed to capture those policies. The Migration Factory concept includes the execution of processes through software and results in a standardized environment and standardized transformation methods.

We are continuously improving our software and methods. Recently, we have decided to distribute the decision engine software code to our clients. For more information, please review the decision engine videos on the Migration Factory page and Contact Us if you would like to discuss further